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Re: [Condor-users] condor problem : shadow unable to transmitoutput file

> Hi,
> Take out the "transfer_output_files" line -- the file
> "true" does not exist on the worker side.

well spotted
> In general, you do not need to tell Condor to tranfer
> back the output files

That is the case for systems with NFS or other shared file systems,
but for systems without shared filestore, then in general you DO need 
to tell it! The commands for this are commonly:

should_transfer_files = true
when_to_transfer_output = on_exit

If some are connected via NFS and some aren't, then 

should_transfer_files = if_needed
when_to_transfer_output = on_exit

can be used instead, See
for full details

> or list the files to be returned.


Note in the manual:
"Other than for grid universe jobs, if transfer_output_files is not specified, Condor will automatically transfer back all files in the job's temporary working directory which have been modified or created by the job."

Note "job's temporary working directory". Anything you need returning from any other
location will need either copying there by the job itself, or must be mentioned
with transfer_output_files (again, assuming no shared filestore)

NOTE to CONDOR guys: I can't see in the condor_submit "man page" part of the 
documentation, norin section 2.5.4 whether if you specify transfer_output_files,
whether the files in the working directory are also still copied. Of course,
this may be me not reading carefully enough. It is in any case, easy to do a test to
find out.