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Re: [Condor-users] Condor_store_cred and win2003 server

Title: RE: [Condor-users] Condor_store_cred and win2003 server


I've running CONDOR 6.7.18 on a Win2003 Server box using store_cred for authorization. I realize this is an older version of CONDOR, therefore ymmv.

I found that I couldn't set any of the HOSTALLOW settings to *. I'm using *.xxx.xx with the xx's being Connection-specific DNS suffix that you can get by running ipconfig on the machine.

Hope this helps.


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I'm having trouble with some windows 2003 server clients that refuse to
store credentials via condor_store_cred.

The symptom is that every add or query operation on the client gives the
same error message:
C:\condor\bin>condor_store_cred query
Account: Reds@REDS

Operation failed.
    Make sure your HOSTALLOW_WRITE setting includes this host.

C:\condor\bin>condor_store_cred -p xxxx add
Account: Reds@REDS

Operation failed.
    Make sure your HOSTALLOW_WRITE setting includes this host.

hostallow_write is "*" everywhere.

The master is linux FC4, everybody runs 6.8.5. Clients running XP don't
have this problem.

I'd rather not have to set up a credd: This is running on a firewalled
subnet, with only one user in the entire domain..

Any suggestions?

6/12 14:40:29 ERROR: Could not locate valid credential for user
6/12 14:40:29 Could not initialize user_priv as "Reds\REDS".
        Make sure this account's password is securely stored with
6/12 14:40:29 ERROR: Failed to determine what user to run this job as,
6/12 14:40:29 Failed to initialize JobInfoCommunicator, aborting
6/12 14:40:29 Unable to start job.

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