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Standard Universe (only available on Linux) allows you to compile a code for checkpointing - i.e. you can 'save' results part way through computation incase it crashes or is killed.

Vanilla just runs the application (no saving).

Windows does not support the standard.

Si Hammond
University of Warwick

On 12/06/07, Richardson, Joshua < jrichardson@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have downloaded the Condor versions condor-6.8.5-winnt50-x86 and when I try to run a program in the standard universe, it says that my version of condor does not support standard universe, just the vanilla universe. Can someone explain to me the difference between the two? I have heard that the vanilla universe does not speed up processing but that is about all.

Josh Richardson

Integrity Applications Incorporated Intern (IAI)

703-378-8672 ext 632



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