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Re: [Condor-users] (no subject)

> I have downloaded the Condor versions condor-6.8.5-winnt50-x86 and when I try to run
> a program in the standard universe, it says that my version of condor does not support
> standard universe, just the vanilla universe. Can someone explain to me the difference
> between the two? I have heard that the vanilla universe does not speed up processing but
> that is about all. 
> Josh Richardson

for restrictions on Windows. standard universe is not supported.

"does not speed up processing": this statement doesn't sound right.

For more info
but in a nutshell:
* Any executable (including scripts), no need for recompiling

* Must have access to sources, must be relinked, some restrictions on what it can do,
  but gives advantages of automatic checkpointing, process migration and remote file access.

Remote file access can also be enabled for vanilla (But not I believe on Windows).

The big difference is if you have a long job, then maybe no machine will be up and willing 
to run your job for long enough. A vanilla job would restart from the beginning
when it was pre-empted (depending on configuration of course) whereas a standard universe
job would restart from its last checkpoint. The expense of this is the time taken to do the
checkpointing and a bit of extra network traffic and storage.