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Re: [Condor-users] Flocking

> I added the submitter of pool A to HOSTALLOW_WRITE residing on all 
> of pool B namely in pool B's global config-file. ==> Et voila!
> I submitted the job on the pool-A-submitter w/o any '-pool' 
> or '-remote'
> and it flocked really to pool B, actually only to pool B's 
> manager, because
> that's the only executer in pool B with open firewalls 
> towards pool A. 
> Some other free nodes of pool B first 'matched' but then did 
> not execute, I guess 
> missing/blocked network-communication hindered the execution on them.
> But so far it works and much easier (i.e. no credentials etc) 
> than I feared!
> Thnaks a lot for your help!
> Urs

Yes, that is the problem. Condor "sees" the nodes through the other central node,
but its submission nodes may not have access, so when they match they can't run and eventually
will be rescheduled elsewhere.

GL with the reconfiguration neccessary to get it to work.