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Re: [Condor-users] Problems when jobs are submitted through WebServices

Hi all,

I am notice a difference in behavior of condor between the jobs submitted using webservices and jobs submitted in the command prompt using 'condor _submit'. If anybody has faced this problem and know a solution for this, please let me know.

Issue 1:

Jobs submitted using condor_submit runs immediately, whereas the same job when submitted using webservices is put on hold for a long time (say 10 mins) and then runs, a condor_reschedule command, makes the job run immediately. Why is this happeneing/

Issue 2:

Jobs subbmited using condor_submit once they are complete doesnt get listed when condor_q is issued to condor, whereas the same job when submited usiing webservices gets listed with 'C' as status, further when it is removed it get listed with 'x'. This isn't affecting anything, but just curious to know the behavior.

Issue 3:

GetEnv = 'TRUE' passes all the environemnt settings for the jobs submitted using 'condor_submit' but for the jobs submitted using webservices, this doesnt work with 'ClassAd'. Is the name of this particular ClassAdAttribute different from the 'GetEnv' mentioned in the .sub file?

Issue 4:

I have noticed some difference in the attribute names between the .sub file and the ClassAd file, such as 
"Log" in .sub file maps to "UserLog" in ClassAd
"log_xml" in .sub file maps to 'UserLogUseXml" in ClassAd
"output" in .sub file maps to "out' in classad
"Error" in .sub file maps to "err" in classad

Is there a place when this mapping is listed?


On 6/15/07, Esh Esh <eshforcondor@xxxxxxxxx > wrote:
Hi all,

I am using Condor 6.8.5 on