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[Condor-users] Condor on SMP machines


On a 4 CPU SMP box I observed the following: 
All 4 CPUs were 'claimed' by condor-jobs (say called A B C and D). Then a user logged in remotely
(there is no keyboard nor a mouse attached to that machine) an started a
task (called E) directly. One of the condor-jobs (say D) was first suspended and then left
completely. At this point 'top' showed that each of the tasks/jobs A, B, C and E used
100%, i.e. one full CPU per job. 
But then the user started another job (=: F) on the machine and now top showed:
A, B, C: 100% each -> 1 CPU per job
E and F: 50 % each -> 2 jobs on 1 CPU
I.e. direct user-jobs were in some sense discriminated. Why did the second direct job
not force another condor-job to leave the machine? Is there maybe a way to configure 
condor such that direct-jobs throw out condor-jobs?