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Re: [Condor-users] Condor scheduling

I don't think 6.6.11 has -better_analyze.

Yes, other users can claim the free machines.

Yes, condor_status (and with -java, which is what he runs) lists them as Unclaimed and Idle.

ps: will just double check that the user hasn't got some obscure Requirement that blocks the other machines

David A. Kotz wrote:

Have you run "condor_q -better-analyze [job_id]" on one of the idle jobs to see if Condor can tell you why it's not running? Are other users able to start jobs on all of the other machines? Does condor_status list those machines as Unclaimed and Idle?

- dave

Ian Cottam wrote:
I sometimes see 1000 jobs in the queue from a single user. Our pool has, say, 50 processors free that match, but has allocated just two (he runs jobs more or less constantly). Now, I know about the "freedom of the commons" scheduling, but is that what is going on?

Why cannot this user get a large share and then get thrown off some of the processors should a second user come along?

Apologies if this is all obvious.

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