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Re: [Condor-users] Using condor_submit from php

i  had a WWW/php based condor interface a few years ago..i vaguely remember that i had to
chdir in to the directory which contained the actual .sub file just before php executed the shell command...

i'll look at my code when i get home to make sure...


I am trying to use condor_submit in a php script using system('/home/condor/condor-6.8.4/bin/condor_submit /home/condor/Desktop/gil/gill1.condor')

Using the command normally runs the program fine. Using the command through php returns "Submitting job(s)", but the program never appears in condor_q or condor_history, but the ID number in the condor_history is incremented.

Anyone have an ideas why running condor through php is causing so much trouble?


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Adam Chrystie
Infrastructure / Pipeline Supervisor on "Terra"