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[Condor-users] A problem about local queue manager

Hi All,
    My condor can start up when my system is boosting. However, I have the
following problems.

(1) When submitting jobs,
[zchen@zc05rvm experiments]$ condor_submit jobs.submit
Submitting job(s)
ERROR: Failed to connect to local queue manager
CEDAR:6001:Failed to connect to <>

(2) When using condor_q, it shows that
Failed to fetch ads from: <> : zc05rvm.ecs.soton.ac.uk
CEDAR:6001:Failed to connect to <>

(3) Then I look at all the condor related processes:
[zchen@zc05rvm ~]$ ps -aux|egrep condor
Warning: bad syntax, perhaps a bogus '-'? See /usr/share/doc/procps-3.2.5/FAQ
daemon    2096  0.2  0.5   6856  3084 ?        Ss   19:21   0:01
daemon    2102  0.0  0.5   6960  2924 ?        Ss   19:21   0:00
condor_collector -f

>From (1),(2) and (3), It seems that the queue manager at
does not start and no process condor_schedd exists.

I check the local configuration file, which has specified the following

##  condor_master
##  Daemons you want the master to keep running for you:


So it is quite weired. All the five processes should be started when my system
is boosting. How can I fix this problem, e.g.,manully start the local queue

Many thanks,