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Re: [Condor-users] Unix jobs on Windows PCs

> Thanks John and Matt,
> Any thoughts about how much effort your *nix users had changing their
> jobs to run with cygwin?  Was it mostly a straight recompile 
> or a large
> porting effort?
> Best regards,
> Mike

My use of condor for this was for sending source tarballs and letting them
build themselves (I probably still have the shellscript that did this kicking
around somewhere).

The purpose of this was varied:
* Ensure s/w still built on that platform
* Generate a release version for a particular *nix (or cygwin) platform.
* Ensure code built with compilers on a variety of machines.

But basically, the jobs I "ran" was the build itself.

The main problem to be aware of is that your source tarballs need to be built
with cygwin buildability built [sic] in. The main thing to watch out for is that
you have $(EXE) or equivalent for your executables since sometimes that suffix has to
be provided (strip I think was the main one I remember).

See ocaml autoconf files to see how this is setup.

There is some (but little technical) info on this at my previous Condor Week talks:
* "Heterogeneous Condor Pools", 2nd European Condor Week 2006
* "Caging the CCLRC Compute Zoo (Activities at CCLRC)", Paradyn / Condor Week 2005