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[Condor-users] Cygwin Perl scripting under Condor in Windows


I've recently tried creating a Windows Condor pool which I had hoped would help farm off sequential jobs from our supercomputer centre to University wide desktops. I have had Cygwin installed on all these desktops to allow Unix emulation to help ease the transition for our users. This also allowed me to create a Unix-esque login/submit node where users could recompile their code for the Windows OS in a familiar environment. Everything appeared to be working well except when I began to upsize the jobs.

I use a wrapper batch file that calls a perl script which in turn runs a number of executables some of which can take days to complete. It seems that Condor cannot track the processes spawned by the (Cygwin executed) perl script and as a result the non-condor load average jumps up causing the job to suspend and eventually evict. This is particularly worrying since this may mean that condor cannot suspend these intensive processes since it doesn't recognise them, which would mean the Desktop policy I need enforced would not function correctly. Is this a newbie mistake on my part? Is there an easy fix?

Sorry if this query had been answered before but all my googling didn't turn up anything useful.