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[Condor-users] (no subject)

 Hello all,
 I am beginner in working in Condor, and starting to make experiments using
Condor-c in a cluster however, i faced a problem when starting to send jobs
with the universe GRID specified in the job submission file, that is the
jobs stay in the queue without executing, while the wrong error in the job
log file is as follows:


 000 (068.000.000) 03/18 21:17:59 Job submitted from host:
020 (068.000.000) 03/18 21:18:02 Detected Down Globus Resource
    RM-Contact: javi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
026 (068.000.000) 03/18 21:18:02 Detected Down Grid Resource
    GridResource: condor javi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx aow11grid.uab.es

When i send the same job, which is a small script that just returns
(hello world), in the universe VANILLA, it works and results returned as

Here is the job submission file:
        Universe   = grid
        Executable = hello.sh
        Output     = hello.out
        Error      = hello.err
        Log        = hello.log

        Should_transfer_files = YES
        When_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT

        grid_resource = condor javi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx aow11grid.uab.es
        +remote_jobuniverse = 5
        +remote_requirements = True
        +remote_ShouldTransferFiles = "YES"
        +remote_WhenToTransferOutput = "ON_EXIT"


any body can help or direct me to fix it !
I would be grateful for your interest and help.

Hisham Ihshaish