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Re: [Condor-users] condor_store_cred problem

Richard Grieve wrote:
I have a handful of PCs (all WinXP) in my pool, running 6.8.2. I having problems with condor_store_cred on just one PC. All the others run condor_store_cred just fine. All PCs (including the problem PC) have the pool password set and are able to run jobs. Here is the output from condor_store_cred add:

[user@computer]$ condor_store_cred add
Account: user@domain <mailto:dpeppy@AD3>
Enter password: Operation failed.
    Make sure your HOSTALLOW_WRITE setting includes this host.


3/8 16:15:10 AUTHENTICATE: will try to use 16 (NTSSPI)
3/8 16:15:10 sspi_server_auth() entered
3/8 16:15:10 sspi_server_auth() looping
3/8 16:15:10 sspi_server_auth(): Oops! ASC() returned -2146893044!
3/8 16:15:10 sspi_server_auth(): Failed to impersonate (returns -2146893055)!
3/8 16:15:10 sspi_server_auth() exiting
3/8 16:15:10 AUTHENTICATE: method 16 (NTSSPI) failed.

Any help is appreciated.

It appears as though NTSSPI authentication is failing. Are you running a Windows domain environment, with common accounts on all the involved machines? If not, does the account for which you are trying to store a password have the same username/password on both the "problem PC" and the machine running the CredD?

If the answer is no to both these questions, NTSSPI authentication will not work between two distinct machines.

Greg Quinn
Condor Team