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Re: [Condor-users] Condor Web Interface


This application is basically being designed to help researchers submit their jobs through a web based interface. Condor is being used as the middle ware. Behind the scenes, condor that does all the work.

The features include :

1) Submit Jobs (fine tuned to application needs)
2) View Condor cluster status
3) View Job status
4) View history of condor jobs executed.

2,3 and 4 are built around condor_status, condor_q and condor_history. These are generic and can work for any condor cluster.

I am using Google Web Toolkit for the web application.


On 5/2/07, BinZhou.tsinghua < binzhou.tsinghua@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
That's good. I participated in a GUI project for condor called qcondor. I have some applications to run but can you give me more details?

I am writing a web interface for Condor. This application is in GWT/AJAX (Google Web Toolkit) and will enable basic condor utilities to be run in the browser , such as , condor_status , condor_q etc.


username: condor
password: condor

Ofcourse, you cant do much right now, I just started ;-)

Users can also submit jobs through the browser , but its application specific. The one I am writing is for running computer architecture simulations.

Please provide some inputs. I'd like to have a a discussion on this.


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