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[Condor-users] Several condor_shadow processes


	new problems arising in my Condor-Pool...

As far as I understood the way Condor works, there should be one
'condor_shadow'-process on the submitting host for each submitted job
that is beeing executed on any Client.
Now in my pool it seems to happen, that there are several
shadow-processes with exactly the same job-id for a single job! It also
happens, that there are several hundred condor_shadow-processes still
running, although the corresponding processes have terminated normally
long before.
When looking into the ShadowLog-File of the submitting host, there
appear some "exited with status 107" messages, but since we are only
running vanilla-jobs this should not indicate any error, right? And I
can not find any other extraordinary messages in my logs.

I am afraid, these 'ghost' shadow-processes are also responsible for the
effect, that I have quite a lot of Clients in "Claimed" but also in
"Idle" state according to 'condor_status'. They should be "Busy"...

I would be very happy, if anybody knew how to solve this problem.

Have a nice day,


Ralf Auer	
Physics Institute IV			Office: 2.137
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg	Phone:	+49-9131-8527087
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