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Re: [Condor-users] Jobs held

Thanks Simon !

But my deamons all run as root. I also tried to use chmod but when I did this, my jobs were killed and exit with status 100 ...
But I will try to use ACLs as you advise me.

Thanks again and have a nice week-end.

2007/5/11, Simon David Hammond <sdh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

Hi Simon,

We have also had this problem but we run our Condor *not* using the root
user - we run it in its under its own user. Hence when it tries to access
or write the out/log/condor.log etc it needs permissions.

If you are using root you can probably stop reading now since I doubt it

We either set the files to be writable for all using chmod (not
recommended) or use ACLs to grant the Condor username permission to
write/access the files. You can do this using setfacl and getfacl.

Hope this helps you.

Si Hammond,
Univ of Warwick

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