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Re: [Condor-users] Preserving temporary execute directories?

Re the below:

one idea is to write a 3-line batch file that runs your fortran program and then zips up all the subdirectories you want to keep and store the zip file in the root of the execute directory (i.e. the current working directory when Condor starts your job).  Submit the batch file as you executable and add your fortran program (and perhaps  pkzip.exe?) to transfer_input_files.  The zip file will be transferred back to your submit machine when the job completes.  This may be even more handy than keep the execute directory around since you don't have to access a remote machine.

Todd Tannenbaum
University of Wisconsin-Madison
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From:  Grant Goodyear <grant@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subj:  [Condor-users] Preserving temporary execute directories?
Date:  Fri May 11, 2007 6:00 pm
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I'm trying to debug a job that's crashing (with a remarkably unhelpful
fortran error message), and it would be extremely helpful if I could
prevent condor from deleting the temporary directories that it
creates in c:\condor\execute (since I'm running this on WinXP).

Is there a config entry that does that?

Grant Goodyear

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