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[Condor-users] More information from condor_stats

I have setup pool logging on our condor cluster and have been using
condor view to create web pages of the cluster useage.  I would however
like to obtain more information about the cluster.  In particular I
would like to obtain the Condor load averages for all our nodes.  This
information doesnt appear to be logged in the viewhist files (only
state, keyboard and loadavg etc.).  Is there a way to increase the
amount of information stored in the viewhist files so that when i run
condor_stats more information is returned?

Reason for this : Our cluster is setup so that jobs always run on every
node.  However as the condor jobs run with a low priority, programs run
by local users on the nodes take over the cpu.  Unfortunately condor
still reports the node as Claimed-Busy (even though the node is busy
doing a local job and node a condor one).  Therefore when the graphs of
node state are produced the nodes never appear to be busy.  I would
therefore like to produce a graph of idle, UserLoad and CondorLoad so
that the useage of the cluster is more correctly displayed.

Thanks for any suggestions

David Roberts

Radiotherapy PhD Student
Joint Physics Department
Institute of Cancer Research and Royal Marsden NHS Trust
Downs Road,
Sutton, Surrey

The Institute of Cancer Research: Royal Cancer Hospital, a charitable Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered in England under Company No. 534147 with its Registered Office at 123 Old Brompton Road, London SW7 3RP.

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