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Re: [Condor-users] "Feature" of NETWORK_INTERFACE

Hi Burt,

This is a known feature of NETWORK_INTERFACE, but I agree that it is an unexpected one. I'll ask around why things are being done this way. Until this is sorted out, I highly recommend using BIND_ALL_INTERFACES=True. In most cases, when you turn that on, you don't need to give condor any hints about which interface to advertise, so you can just get rid of the NETWORK_INTERFACE setting altogether.


Burt Holzman wrote:

We have a few pools floating around where the workers are on a private subnet and the machines hosting the schedds are dual-homed. Sensibly, the system admins have been setting NETWORK_INTERFACE to the private subnet so that the schedd automatically binds to the private subnet.

What was surprising was that NETWORK_INTERFACE constraints not only services using bind() but also outgoing network connections. In other words, a user running condor_status to a foreign pool cannot succeed, as it attempts to use the private subnet.

I know the workaround is to enable BIND_ALL_INTERFACES -- but is the above behavior intentional or just accidental?

- B
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