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Re: [Condor-users] win XP nodes/linux manager


 Thanks for getting back! the linux manager is SMP and all the vm's show up
with the right host name when issuing config_status. when issuing the same
command under DOS on a node I get a (useful) error message which begins with
CEDAR:6001:Failed to connect to .... condor_collector. All the daemons are
up (incl collector) on the manager so I've been going through the usual
network problems incl DNS, /etc/hosts
bill b

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> Hi All;
> First, since I'm sure this has been asked ad nauseum, could
> anyone point me
> to a FAQ on getting windows/linux pools going successfully?
> Our problems are
> many incl issuing condor_status on the manager (linux) fails
> to show any of
> the window's IP's

You don't mention what happens to condor_status on other linux
or on the Windows machines - are they all OK?

There were problems in the past when Windows machines show
up on condor_status but then go away again. Potentially to do
with UDP messages. I haven't noticed this for some time though in my pool.

Which version are you running?

If, on the other hand, NONE of the Windows machines are ever showing up,
maybe they are each running their own private pools.


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