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Re: [Condor-users] Solaris 10 machines not accepting jobs

What does "condor_status -total" show for the architecture and operating system for your Solaris 10 machines? I am assuming something like this:

                     Machines Owner Claimed Unclaimed Matched Preempting
     SUN4u/SOLARIS28       91    23       0        68       0          0
     SUN4u/SOLARIS10        4     0       0         4       0          0

Is your submit file requirements written such that it will run the job on either OS? Something like this:

# Allow to run on any Solaris 8 or 9 platform
Requirements    = (Arch == "SUN4u" && OpSys =="SOLARIS28") || \
                  (Arch == "SUN4u" && OpSys =="SOLARIS10")

If you don't add the Arch and OpSys options to the requirements, the default is to have condor run the job on the same environment as the submitting machine. So if you submit from Solaris 8, it would run only on a Solaris 8 machine unless your requirements were written similar to above.


Xavier Anguera wrote:

I have built a small cluster using solaris 8 machines which is running great for my needs. The problem came when I received a few solaris 10 machines that I tried adding to condor right away. After slight initial problems in making the machines enter the cluster (that’s all solved) I have now 4 machines in my cluster that never receive any jobs, while the solaris 8 machines are always at full speed.

I have checked all forums for answers but have not found any, any idea will be welcome.


Xavier Anguera


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