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Re: [Condor-users] SCHEDD dying on multiple process submission

Hi John:

We are look in to this behaviour right now and will get back to you right away.


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On 17-May-07, at 6:56 AM, Scillieri, John wrote:


I'm having trouble with a job that sporadically kills the SCHEDD on the
submission host. I think the job in question is our large job that
queues up multiple processes (about 25). I've attached the majority of
the job description file below, is there something I'm doing that is bad
etiquette or unsupported?  The MasterLog file reports "The SCHEDD (pid
XXXX) died due to exception ACCESS_VIOLATION" if that helps anyone. I've
submitted the job both as a standalone submission and as a piece within
a DAG and it happens both ways.

Also, because the schedd keeps dying on start-up there's no way for me
to use condor_rm to remove the bad jobs. Is there another way to
manually remove a job from scheduling?  

Any help would be great, thanks a lot for your time.

John Scillieri

-------------------- CONDOR JOB SUBMIT FILE --------------
LogHeader = $(JobName).$(Cluster).$(Process).$$(Machine)

input =
output =
error =
log =
Executable = C:\Program Files\R\R-2.5.0\bin\Rscript.exe
Arguments = --vanilla - 

transfer_executable = False
should_transfer_files = No
getenv = True
EnvSettings = TMP=C:\temp TEMP=C:\temp
run_as_owner = true
Requirements = UidDomain == "DOMAIN" && FileSystemDomain == "DOMAIN" 
Universe = vanilla

# Begin individual job section
environment = "portfolio=$(portfolio) $(EnvSettings)"

portfolio = 'Portfolio 1'
portfolio = 'Portfolio 2'

... And so on ...

portfolio = 'Portfolio 30'
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