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Re: [Condor-users] error on submitting a job

No, submission under root is not allowed.
For pools with shared filestore and/or a common UID domain, running a job as, for instance,
"jk" will mean the jobs runs as "jk" on those remote machines.
If on such a system, root was allowed to run jobs, then a compromise on one of the many
nodes in the pool, could mean that you could wreak havok all over the pool running jobs which
run as root.
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Subject: [Condor-users] error on submitting a job

when i do a condor_submit on a simple job in vanilla i am getting this error
condor_submit vanilla.submit
ERROR: Submitting jobs as user/group 0 (root) is not allowed for security reasons.
my vanilla.submit is this

Universe       = vanilla
Executable     = ./partha
output  = hello.out                
can i not submit job as root...???