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Re: [Condor-users] Condor_view

On 5/25/07, Nicolas GUIOT <nicolas.guiot@xxxxxxx> wrote:

I wanted to install condor_view for my pool,  but there is something I don't understand on the download page :

Version 6.1.8 (view_client)     6.1.8 (view_client)     Nov 5 1999

Version 2.0 (view_client)       2.0 (view_client)       May 8 2007

So, we have a version 2.0 which is youger than the 6.1.8 ??

which one would you recommend ?

2.0. There is no reason for the view client to carry the Condor
Version, since it's
independent of Condor release, so it switched to become 2.0. Think of
6.1.8 as view client version 1.8 :)

I suspect that "6.1.8" will be removed from the website soon.

(I can't imagine view client will go through enough iterations that it
will legitimately be 6.x :)