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Re: [Condor-users] condor with a VM in Windows

well I'm still a beginner in Condor but I'm using it just the way you want to!!!
my pc runs windows XP on 512 MB of RAM and I used the 5th edition of VMware and for the Linux distribution I used Fedora core 3.
this will slow down the pc but it works!!!!!
Xavier Anguera <xanguera@xxxxxx> wrote:
I have been googling around quite a bit and found many alternative ways of running condor on a linux virtual machine to run inside a windows box. I am interested in applying it to my organization where most personal PC?s use windows.
I would like to ask anyone knowledgeable on this about what the best option is. I am concerned about the memory (disk and RAM) requirements of solutions like vmware with a linux distro inside. I have seen linux distributions like embedded-dsl which come as a quemu VM for windows, but have not seen anyone that has effectively run condor on it.
Thanks in advance.
Xavier Anguera
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