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Re: [Condor-users] Python script output.


Try adding getenv = True to your submit file.


I am submitting the following python script(test.py):
# test.py
print "ouput from python program successfully printed!!"
print "finally!!"

using this description file:
# test.condor

universe = vanilla
executable = test.bat
input = test.py
output = test.out
log = test.log


The executable test.bat contains:
echo "testing submit of python script..."
python test.py

The job is run successfully. However, test.out only contains:
"testing submit of python script..."

Why is the output from the python script not added to test.out? All machines in the pool have python installed and added to the path environment variable. Also, test.bat works perfectly when run directly on the command prompt. Please help.

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