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Re: [Condor-users] problem with dagman

On Tue, 29 May 2007, Sophie Prieur wrote:

> I have a problem with DAGMan, when I run condor_dagman.exe I have this
> message :
> ERROR "No 'DAGMAN_LOG' parameter specified." at line 119 in file
> ..\src\condor_util_lib\dprintf_config.c
> And when I search for the file dprintf_config.c, I can't find this
> file.
> So I cant' submit a job with dagman, as I have this message:
> condor_submit_dag.exe gam.dag
> ERROR: can't find condor_dagman.exe in PATH, aborting.
> Could someone help me please?

Are you trying to run condor_dagman.exe from the command line?  That's
what it sounds like.

If so, that's your problem.  It *is* possible to run DAGMan from the
command line, but that's not the preferred way to do it.  Normally, you
run condor_submit_dag, which creates a condor submit file for DAGMan, and
submits it.

If you really want to run DAGMan on the command line, you need to do
some more configuration to get it to work.

(dprintf_config.c is part of the DAGMan code.  Basically, it's complaining
that you haven't told DAGMan what file to put its diagnostic output into.
If you run condor_submit_dag, that's taken care of automatically.)

Kent Wenger
Condor Team