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Re: [Condor-users] problem with dagman

Hello Kent,

The problem is that I want to submit a DAGMan job, so I have made a dag
file like this
rem Filename: gam.dag 
JOB  job1  submit1.R 

with this for submit1.R
Universe = Vanilla 
Executable = C:\condor\RDag\lance.bat 
Log = condor_log 
Output = condor_output 
Error = condor_error 
getenv = true 
InitialDir = C:\condor\RDag\out1 
Arguments = gam.script1.R
Transfer_Input_files = gam.script1.R
and when I run this :condor_submit_dag.exe gam.dag in cmd line I have
this error
ERROR: can't find condor_dagman.exe in PATH, aborting.

so I have think I must start condor_dagman
And don't see what I can made to solve this problem

Thank you

>>> "R. Kent Wenger" <wenger@xxxxxxxxxxx> 29/05/2007 17:47 >>>
On Tue, 29 May 2007, Sophie Prieur wrote:

> I have a problem with DAGMan, when I run condor_dagman.exe I have
> message :
> ERROR "No 'DAGMAN_LOG' parameter specified." at line 119 in file
> ..\src\condor_util_lib\dprintf_config.c
> And when I search for the file dprintf_config.c, I can't find this
> file.
> So I cant' submit a job with dagman, as I have this message:
> condor_submit_dag.exe gam.dag
> ERROR: can't find condor_dagman.exe in PATH, aborting.

Hmm.  You should have a condor_dagman.exe in the same directory that
condor_submit_dag.exe is in.  Is that not the case?  When you get the
error message from DAGMan, what condor_dagman.exe are you running?

Kent Wenger
Condor Team
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