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Re: [Condor-users] RANK and job placement

> I have a condor pool with ~250 batch slots available.  On half of the
> batch slots I have set:
> RANK = (UserA =?= TRUE)
> ...and on the other half of the batch slots I have:
> RANK = (UserB =?= TRUE)
> ...
> When UserA submitted his 20 jobs, why were they not directed to batch
> slots where UserA had rank priority?  How can I get UserA's jobs to
> prefer those batch slots while still allowing him opportunistic access
> to the rest of the cluster?

According to 6.9 manpages for condor_submit:

rank = <ClassAd Float Expression>
A ClassAd Floating-Point expression that states how to rank machines which
have already met the requirements expression. Essentially, rank expresses 
preference. A higher numeric value equals better rank. Condor will give the job
the machine with the highest rank. For example,

            requirements = Memory > 60
            rank = Memory

asks Condor to find all available machines with more than 60 megabytes of memory
and give to the job the machine with the most amount of memory. See section 2.5.2
 within the Condor Users Manual for complete information on the syntax and
available attributes that can be used in the ClassAd expression.

so maybe you need to specify this in the RANK of your submit file.