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Re: [Condor-users] Manipulating the argument list

> My argument list for my executable looks like this:
> -c -start=xxx -stop=yyy /path/to/input/file
> I want to submit many jobs with "Queue XXX". I want each job 
> to get different start and stop input. I guess I can use the 
> $(PROCESS) command for this. But how do I get Process 1 to have input:
> -c -start=1 -stop=10 /path/to/input/file
> Process 2:
> -c -start=11 -stop=20 /path/to/input/file
> Process 3:
> -c -start=21 -stop=30 /path/to/input/file
> etc.

You really want to be able to use arithmetic on $(PROCESS) to get the
values you want

Some alternatives may be:
* Write a client side script which generates your submit file (I have a
  for instance that generates a submit file to submit one job to each
machine in the pool)
* change your executable (i.e. write a wrapper for it) so that it takes
params that could be 
  called more easily from condor. For instance the following would fit
more easily:
  $(PROCESS) 10 /path/to/input/file
  your script would then convert the $(PROCESS) and the 10 to the -c
-start=11 -stop=10 ... etc
  where 10 is the "step" you use above so you are effectively changing
the interface to be
  -c -start=0 -step=10 /path/to/file
  Note "step" rather than "stop"