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Re: [Condor-users] Condor errno 10061

Finch, Ralph wrote:
condor -version
$CondorVersion: 6.8.3 Jan  5 2007 $
$CondorPlatform: INTEL-WINNT50 $

A pool of 46 Windows machines.

A spot check of start logs in the pool shows a lot of this:

11/7 14:35:01 (pid:1884) Failed to start non-blocking update to
11/7 14:40:01 (pid:1884) attempt to connect to <136.200.32.XXX:9618>
failed: connect errno = 10061 connection refused.
11/7 14:40:01 (pid:1884) ERROR: SECMAN:2003:TCP connection to
<136.200.32.XXX:9618> failed

It pretty much says the error:

the TCP connection to 136.200.32.XXX:9618 has failed, because the host has refused the connetion.

Please check you know what mean all the
HOSTALLOW_* variables,

and you've added your machines to the proper list.
It is described in this section of the manual:
3.6.10 Host-Based Security in Condor


XXX being the central manager.  However jobs seem to submit and run OK,
nevertheless I'd like to fix the underlying error.  Search through
archives didn't reveal any clues I could use, anybody have some insight?

Ralph Finch, P.E.
California Dept. of Water Resources
Delta Modeling Section, Bay-Delta Office
Room 215-13
1416 9th Street
Sacramento CA  95814

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