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[Condor-users] strange schedd problem

Hello, list.

We are using "stock" condor 6.8.6 version.

2 central managers are in HAD couple,
one is SL3, other Debian Etch. each running the correct version for its arch, and distribution.

We have 2 schedd's.
One is used for production, another is only a backup.

We are currently experiencing the following problem:

the main schedd has started running under the user of the user that uses the pool the most, i.e. has the highest value of "Effective Priority"

this is the output of condor_userprio -all:

Effective Real Priority Res Accumulated Usage Last User Name Priority Priority Factor Used Usage (hrs) Start Time Usage Time ------------------------------ --------- -------- ------------ ---- ----------- ---------------- ---------------- xxxxx@mydomain 98.71 9.87 10.00 0 29078.14 12/03/2005 15:37 11/11/2007 10:07 yyyyy@mydomain 311.71 31.17 10.00 0 147560.55 6/29/2006 13:14 11/11/2007 22:49 ------------------------------ --------- -------- ------------ ---- ----------- ---------------- ---------------- Number of users: 2 0 176638.68 12/03/2005 15:37 11/11/2007 02:09

The interesting thing is that in the mailing list archives I've found a very similar problem to mine:

Unfortunately it refers to a yet another similar report, and without a satisfying solution:

The "solution" was:
"flushing the spool directory for the central manger"

Is there a solution for such symptom, except deleting the spool ?

Thanks in advance,

Maxim Kovgan,
Distributed Systems and Data Mining Laboratory
Computer Science, Technion