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Re: [Condor-users] Problems with Condor


You may want to verify whether the condor user (condor?) has enough rights for writing into the directory: /home/condor/spool.... Additionally make sure that the condor gid.uid as set in the condor_config.local (CONDOR_IDS) are in line with the OS data (/ets/ passwd file).

Hope this helps.
Marian ZUREK
CH-1211 Geneve 23

On 14 nov. 07, at 23:37, Vasil Lalov wrote:

Hello everyone,

I am working on a fresh Condor installation. I followed all the configuration steps in the documentation. I am trying to submit a job from the front end of the cluster and everything works fine. I can see the job sitting in IDLE state in the queue.

This is what is being stored in the condor logs of the COMPUTE nodes:

11/14 17:30:30 (pid:4040) DaemonCore: Command received via UDP from host <> 11/14 17:30:30 (pid:4040) DaemonCore: received command 421 (RESCHEDULE), calling handler (reschedule_negotiator)
11/14 17:30:30 (pid:4040) Sent ad to central manager for lalovv@xxxxxxxxxxx
11/14 17:30:30 (pid:4040) Sent ad to 1 collectors for lalovv@xxxxxxxxxxx
11/14 17:30:30 (pid:4040) Called reschedule_negotiator()
11/14 17:30:32 (pid:4040) Inserting new attribute Scheduler into non- active cluster cid=31 acid=-1 11/14 17:33:25 (pid:4040) DaemonCore: Command received via TCP from host <> 11/14 17:33:25 (pid:4040) DaemonCore: received command 478 (ACT_ON_JOBS), calling handler (actOnJobs)
11/14 17:33:25 (pid:9901) statfs() failed: 13/Permission denied
11/14 17:33:25 (pid:9901) Attempting to chown '/home/condor/spool/ cluster31.proc0.subproc0', but it doesn't appear to exist. 11/14 17:33:25 (pid:9901) Error: Unable to chown '/home/condor/spool/ cluster31.proc0.subproc0' from 500 to 407.407 11/14 17:33:25 (pid:9901) (31.0) Failed to chown /home/condor/spool/ cluster31.proc0.subproc0 from 500 to 407.407. User may run into permissions problems when fetching sandbox.

Any ideas?

Vasil Lalov
Department Of Computer Science
Bowling Green State University
Bowling Green, OH 43403
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