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Re: [Condor-users] Hard-coded paths in Condor binaries?

We are using this setup:



our condor versions vary from 6.7.xx to 6.8.6
We don't experience this problem, you're talking about.

on the "offending" machine please do as follows:

1. please paste in here the result of the following bash commands:

# for d in LOCAL_DIR LOCK LOG SPOOL EXECUTE; do condor_config_val $d; done

2. please paste your results of:

condor_config_val -config


Pascal Jermini wrote:
Hello all!

It has been brought to my attention that Condor (on Linux, but this may be
true for other platforms as well) was creating a lot of syslog entries
concerning the /home automount point on a few compute nodes of our pool.

After inspection it turns out that Condor is trying to access a file located
in /home/condor, even when there's no reference to that directory in any
configuration files. This breaks havoc in the logs, since we are getting a
lots of entries in automount's logs concerning this non-existent directory.

I've strace'd the startup of the Condor daemons and I found the following:

O_RDONLY)                          = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)

and by running a crude "strings dir_135656 bin/* sbin/*" in the condor
directory it appears that most (all?) binaries include this string.

Any reason to have this hard-coded path in there? It would be great if this
issue could be resolved in a future version of Condor!

best wishes,

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