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[Condor-users] Are there other ways to use standalone checkpointing except condor_compile?

hi all,
I installed the Condor  6.8.6 on one Linux Redhat 9 computer, and wrote one C test program using the ckpt() function of the Condor checkpoint library. I compiled it with condor_compile command and it worked.
Now I have a large project with a Makefile needing the Condor's checkpoint library support. What should I do? Replace "CC = gcc; CPP = g++" with "CC = condor_compile gcc; CPP = condor_compile g++" in the Makefile? or other way?
Another question: If I want to use the ckpt() function in my C code, is there any other way except condor_compile, e.g including some header files in the code?
Thanks in advance.
Sincerely yours,
Zhao Shiyang