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[Condor-users] DaemonCore interfaces


I am trying to develop the job management system under Condor software. For this purpose I am going to use some Condor's daemons which are parts of the different machine types (condor_master, condor_startd, condor_schedd, condor_collector, condor_negotiator and others if needed). 

I found an information about DaemonCore in the Administrators’ Manual and if I understand correctly, DaemonCore contains the basic functionality for many daemons, but there is no description of it's interfaces. 

Is there any possibility to get such interfaces (for DaemonCore and other daemons) and create own development under DaemonCore? Can I access other remote Condor's daemons from my own application via DaemonCore or by means of any other tools? Is there appropriate SDK for this purpose?

Thanks in advance for any help,