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[Condor-users] Client-only condor pool, no collector

I am making a node that is going to only submit to the grid, which
means that in theory one should only need a MASTER and a SCHEDD,
no NEGOTIATOR or COLLECTOR necessary.  A while ago someone mentioned
that there is some variable that needs to be set to say that there
is no collector, otherwise you get errors like this:

1/19 13:51:46 ******************************************************
11/19 13:51:46 ** condor_master (CONDOR_MASTER) STARTING UP
11/19 13:51:46 ** /usr/local/osgclient-1.8.1/condor/sbin/condor_master
11/19 13:51:46 ** $CondorVersion: 6.8.6 Sep 13 2007 $
11/19 13:51:46 ** $CondorPlatform: I386-LINUX_RHEL3 $
11/19 13:51:46 ** PID = 7872
11/19 13:51:46 ** Log last touched 11/19 13:50:28
11/19 13:51:46 ******************************************************
11/19 13:51:46 Using config source: /usr/local/osgclient-1.8.1/condor/etc/condor_config
11/19 13:51:46 Using local config sources:
11/19 13:51:46 /usr/local/osgclient-1.8.1/condor/local.snowball/condor_config.local
11/19 13:51:46 DaemonCore: Command Socket at <>
11/19 13:51:46 Started DaemonCore process "/usr/local/osgclient-1.8.1/condor/sbin/condor_schedd", pid and pgroup = 7873 11/19 13:51:51 attempt to connect to <> failed: Connection refused (connect errno = 111). 11/19 13:51:51 ERROR: SECMAN:2003:TCP connection to <> failed

[root@snowball log]# condor_status
CEDAR:6001:Failed to connect to <>
Error: Couldn't contact the condor_collector on snowball.fnal.gov.

Extra Info: the condor_collector is a process that runs on the central
manager of your Condor pool and collects the status of all the machines and jobs in the Condor pool. The condor_collector might not be running, it might
be refusing to communicate with you, there might be a network problem, or
there may be some other problem. Check with your system administrator to fix
this problem.

If you are the system administrator, check that the condor_collector is
running on snowball.fnal.gov, check the HOSTALLOW configuration in your
condor_config, and check the MasterLog and CollectorLog files in your log
directory for possible clues as to why the condor_collector is not
responding. Also see the Troubleshooting section of the manual


what is the name of the variable that needs to be set to null?
CONDOR_HOST? COLLECTOR_HOST? or something else?

Steve Timm

Steven C. Timm, Ph.D  (630) 840-8525
timm@xxxxxxxx  http://home.fnal.gov/~timm/
Fermilab Computing Division, Scientific Computing Facilities,
Grid Facilities Department, FermiGrid Services Group, Assistant Group Leader.