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Re: [Condor-users] Problem with match: sending small msg failed

 	It seems it's  between the range
	$ condor_config_val LOWPORT
	$ condor_config_val HIGHPORT

OK, that is good, and since they presumably share the same files since
the same machine,
that should be OK.
	I have just 1 startd with two virtual machines but I have an
startd expression to make my job run only on one of them, that's why it
does match vm2 but not vm1 

OK, good plan!
	I also have a firewall in schedd machine, but it is also open at
20000:25000 range.

Can you check your firewall settings, you need to have it open for udp
and well as tcp,
it might be that, although I doubt this is causing this problem.

You can do some simple checks on the ports in each direction as follows:

[on startd machine]
telnet <schedd machine> 20001
telnet <schedd machine> 19999

and also:

[on schedd machine]
telnet <startd machine> 20001
telnet <startd machine> 19999

but that will only test tcp, not udp ports being open

Of course, it might not be anything at all to do with firewalls.
But it usually is ... :)