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Re: [Condor-users] Problem with match: sending small msg failed

You can tell condor to use tcp for its updates
but that is between nodes and central manager, these comms are direct between
scheduler and execute machines, so I don't think that would help.
Section 2.4 of the document
describes the use of udp and tcp in detail. Two important things to note is that
it shows a table where Submit initiates udp to Execute, but not vice versa. It
also mentions that not all the udp traffic can be turned into tcp.

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OK, so maybe it's a firewall problem because udp ports are not being open, but I don't have enough permission to open them. Is it possible to use only tcp?


2007/11/22, Kewley, J (John) <j.kewley@xxxxxxxx>:
        It seems it's  between the range
        $ condor_config_val LOWPORT
        $ condor_config_val HIGHPORT

OK, that is good, and since they presumably share the same files since
the same machine,
that should be OK.

        I have just 1 startd with two virtual machines but I have an
startd _expression_ to make my job run only on one of them, that's why it
does match vm2 but not vm1

OK, good plan!

        I also have a firewall in schedd machine, but it is also open at
20000:25000 range.

Can you check your firewall settings, you need to have it open for udp
and well as tcp,
it might be that, although I doubt this is causing this problem.

You can do some simple checks on the ports in each direction as follows:

[on startd machine]
telnet <schedd machine> 20001
telnet <schedd machine> 19999

and also:

[on schedd machine]
telnet <startd machine> 20001
telnet <startd machine> 19999

but that will only test tcp, not udp ports being open

Of course, it might not be anything at all to do with firewalls.
But it usually is ... :)




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