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Re: [Condor-users] File transfer queue - new development condor release

David Roberts wrote:
The solution?
The development release has the option to queue the file transfers in each direction * This should reduce the network traffic and hence fix my problem!

Yes. So long as your files are being staged back through Condor's file transfer mechanism, this mechanism should be able to help you.

If it is: Can I just install the developmental release on the submitting machine and it will queue the file transfers or do I have to install the new release on the central manager and every other machine?  I am only submitting Vanilla jobs and the system is made up of approx 10 windows and 90 linux machines.

The queueing will not be enforced if either the execute or submit condor versions are older than 6.9.5. File transfers should still work, but the concurrency limits that you specify will not be enforced.