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Re: [Condor-users] Private cluster node flocking

So far so good.  Thanks Dan.  I didn't know what to search for to find it.
"Broker" never crossed my mind as a search term  :)

It is recommended that a separate machine is used as your broker agent.
Where is the line drawn where a separate machine is really necessary to get
good performance?  Is there a baseline to how many nodes can sit behind a
broker before it becomes saturated?

Now that I have the framework in place (thanks again Dan), I may end up
building one broker server with N network ports to link into the several
private cluster networks on campus. There is the potential here currently
for around 300 cpus to be routed through this machine with that number
growing monthly.  

Good idea/Bad idea?


On 10/2/07 1:12 PM, "Dan Bradley" <dan@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Paul,
> You would need to configure your private nodes to use GCB:
> http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/manual/v6.8/3_7Networking.html#SECTION0047300000
> 000000
> --Dan
> Paul Mezzanini wrote:
>> Hi all.
>> I will start with just a portion of our current setup.  If we can get this
>> working then the rest falls into place.
>> Configuration:
>> I have a ROCKS cluster with condor running on it and a second condor setup
>> using lab machines.  The cluster has a dual homed public head node and 52
>> private nodes.  The second setup is all public machines.
>> What we want minimally is for jobs to flock from the public condor flock to
>> private nodes inside the cluster.  Short of giving the private nodes public
>> addresses is there a way to do this?
>> If we were to get everything we want, there would have one condor headnode
>> running both the public lab machines and the private cluster nodes.  This
>> has the added benefit of having condor_view show all the machines instead of
>> just the public facing ones (makes the beancounters happy)
>> Ideas/questions?
>> Thanks
>> -paul
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