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[Condor-users] condor-status and its options

I just thought I'd try out a few variations on the condor-status command.

condor-status -startd
gave me a list of the machines that can execute jobs

condor-status -schedd
gave me a list of the machines that can submit jobs

condor-status -negotiator
showed me the single machine that runs the negotiator

I noticed there was no 
condor-status -collector
which I thought a bit strange since I'd have thought this as useful as -negotiator

I don't run a checkpoint server nor quill, so didn't try those options

I did however try -master and -any

condor-status -master 
I thought would give me a list of machines running a master daemon (which should be
one per machine, as opposed to one per proc, I think), however only a subset of
the nodes appeared.

condor-status -any
should have been a supset of all entries above, and indeed it covered all the nodes,
but not all had a DaemonMaster entry.

Looking at these last two, there seems to be a vague pattern. My Windows 2000
machine didn't appear to have a Master entry, neither did my multi-proc
Windows XP ones, but my multi-proc Linux one did.
In fact, my multi-proc Linux one was listed without the vmN prefix whereas the
multi-proc Windows XP ones (in condor-status -any) displayed the vmN prefix.

Is this expected behaviour.

Machines affected are running a mix of 6.8.5 and 6.8.6, although other versions are also
present in the pool.

Above behaviour can be seen using the following cgi scripts
(the Queue and Status ones are in use at a few other Institutions too, feel free to
 request them if you want to use them) :

http://tardis.dl.ac.uk/Condor/cgi-bin/CondorStatusMaster.cgi (sorry about layout on this one - GIGO!)