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[Condor-users] Trouble starting condor daemons - CONDOR_IDS error


I'm having trouble starting the condor daemons on some computers. I'm
running openSUSE 10.2 (using condor 6.9.4 glibc23 dynamic), and have a pool
running successfully. However on some computers when I start the daemons I

Starting condor: ERROR: the uid specified in CONDOR_IDS config file variable
does not exist in your password information.
Please set CONDOR_IDS to the '.' seperated uid, gid pair that
should be used by condor.

Even though this is clearly set in the global condor_config:
CONDOR_IDS = 1250.551

The condor user is an LDAP user, but all machines can 'see' it:
$ id condor
uid=1250(condor) gid=551(condor) groups=551(condor)

This is particularly strange as it works on half my machines and not the
others. Most machines are a fresh install of openSUSE with just a few
setting (LDAP/Kerberos etc added).

I can't see anything in the manual or in the archives of the list to help
solve this.


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