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Re: [Condor-users] Segmentation Error

> OS: Suse 10.3
> Condor Version 6.8
> Condor installation file: Linux 2.4.x (glibc 2.2) - Red Hat 
> 7.1, 7.2, 7.3
> I'me getting segmenation error when trying to start condor_master.
> Which is best version of condor for Suse 10.3? Or do I need to 
> downgrade to Suse V9.3?

In general, try and match the kernel version for a first stab. In this case,
a 2.4 kernel for 7.1 RH is unlikely be the one you want. Also go for the 
dynamic rather than statically linked version.

Also, 10.3 is fairly new isn't it? Are your processors 64 or 32 bit? The RH7
version might be the 32 bit version.

I'd try the RHEL 4 dynamic for your Arch type, but I haven't tried it for Suse 10.3 myself.