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[Condor-users] Dynamic Custom Resources in Condor

Hi all,

It worries about the management method of a software licenses.
I searched in the archive of this ML, then I found attached e-mail
written at Aug2005.

I want to know the plan still alive? or it has been released yet?
Also I want to know how to use "condor_status  -license" option.

I need your help well pleasing.
Kohei Nomura

On Wed, 03 Aug 2005 11:13:42 +0200  "Horvatth Szabolcs" wrote:

Are there any plans for Condor to support a more general license /
dynamic Class Ad management in the future? Using software licenses
is a very general problem and it was a topic on the forum many

yes, there are plans.  at this point, it's still in the design phase.
therefore, it'll be a while[1] before it will be implemented and
released.  however, we know it's important, and we'd like to have a
real solution since many people grapple with it.  so, i'm guessing
sometime in the 6.9.x development series it'll be out.


1. never quote a condor-team member on a specific date for anything :)