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Re: [Condor-users] excel on condor

So I tried to run as work-around that I recommended and couldn't get it to
work myself.  I've attached the tcl script I wrote (you'll need a tcl
interpreter to run it) so someone can try it an see if they have more

You may be able to circumvent this problem by writing a batch file that
launches Excel using the "runas" command.  This, however, would require that
you have a common user on all the execute machines (to run as), and that you
supply a password to the "runas" command-- which has obvious security

If you have any question about the code, just ask.  I was hoping this would
be a quick temporary work-around to force the loading of user profiles, but
it doesn't seem like it will work.  I'm going to move on to adding this
capability directly into Condor.


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