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Re: [Condor-users] Error: Can't find address for schedd mzp.rn@

Are you running a scheduling daemon on the box?

In the condor_config file under DAEMON_LIST = ...., do you have SCHEDD ?

Si Hammond
University of Warwick

On 06/09/07, zeeshan patoli <m.z.patoli@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hello
> I am trying to install condor on two machines initially.
> I dont where I am making mistake in condor_config file but my cluster is showing the status fine! but only condor_q is making some problems
> Note:
> mzp.rn is the mahcine running scheduler
> aquarium.rn is the central manager.
> I am getting this error on only central manager
> [condor@aquarium sbin]$ condor_q
> Error: Can't find address for schedd mzp.rn@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Extra Info: You probably saw this error because the condor_schedd is not
> running on the machine you are trying to query. If the condor_schedd is not
> running, the Condor system will not be able to find an address and port to
> connect to and satisfy this request. Please make sure the Condor daemons are
> running and try again.
> Extra Info: If the condor_schedd is running on the machine you are trying to
> query and you still see the error, the most likely cause is that you have
> setup a personal Condor, you have not defined SCHEDD_NAME in your
> condor_config file, and something is wrong with your SCHEDD_ADDRESS_FILE
> setting. You must define either or both of those settings in your config
> file, or you must use the -name option to condor_q. Please see the Condor
> manual for details on SCHEDD_NAME and SCHEDD_ADDRESS_FILE.
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> University Of Sussex,
> United Kingdom.
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> University of Sindh,
> Jamshoro, Pakistan.
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