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Re: [Condor-users] Failed to initialize GAHP

Hmm. I'll have to dig further to find out how to get a better error message. In the mean time, in case this problem is caused by trusted cert problems, I would recommend trying again with your trusted certs in /etc/grid-security/certificates. If that helps but you don't want to put the certificates there, you should be able to use GSI_DAEMON_TRUSTED_CA_DIR to tell Condor where to find them.


Mustafa R Kilinc wrote:
9/6 15:05:57 [11012] GAHP command 'GRAM_CALLBACK_ALLOW' failed: an I/O operation failed error_code=3 9/6 15:05:57 [11012] (24.0) Error enabling GRAM callback, err=3 - an I/O operation failed