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[Condor-users] Condor Submission and ACLs


I run Condor under the "condor" user - so not root on about 100 Linux machines.

So that we can have the condor user write to log files, write output
etc, we have set the submission directory to give condor write
permissions through using ACLs - both specific on files and a default
ACL on the whole directory.

Unfortunately, when we submit a file the jobs don't run and create the
following error:

9/7 08:34:20 (1.1) (30330): ReliSock::get_file_with_permissions():
Failed to chmod file '/home/sdh/files/hello2.err': Operation not
permitted (errno: 1)
9/7 08:34:20 (1.1) (30330): DoDownload: SHADOW at
failed to receive file /home/sdh/files/hello2.err'

My question is, does Condor not support the use of ACLs? If so, what
does the following error mean that I am doing wrong?

The whole use of ACLs within our organization is due to security
worries over the use of root (so we tend to try to use it a minimally
as possible).

Any tips or answers you have would be gratefully received.

Si Hammond
University of Warwick, UK